Sian Rule Yoga

Creative, inclusive and friendly Yoga classes for your health and well-being.

Saturday Sessions

Child Posture

2018 Saturday Sessions from 9.30am to 11.30am

Two venues of Redwick Village Hall NP26 3EA & Woolaston Hall GL15 6NW

March 10th Redwick – Energising session to explore balances and de-toxing twists for a revitalising Spring clean.

April 28th Woolaston – Pranayama & Yoga. Breathing techniques with postures to calm the mind & body.

May 19th Redwick – Want to use the innate healing wisdom of your body? Simple & potent exercises to promote your own physical & mental health & feel fully alive.

June 9th Woolaston – Therapeutic Yoga to nourish heart, spirit and soul for complete well-being inside and out.

July 7th Redwick – Yin Yoga: deep, held postures for increased flexibility, releasing tensions & calming anxiety.

Aug – no session       

Sept 22nd Woolaston – Empower your Yoga: simple energy techniques to increase the effectiveness of your practice.

Oct 13th Redwick – Mindfulness & Meditation & Yoga. Simple & effective techniques to calm the mind & body.

Nov 10th Woolaston – Yin Yoga session for letting go of tensions, relaxing into deep stretches and calming anxiety.

Dec 8th Redwick – Allow yourself a relaxing pre-Christmas session to de-stress! Nurture yourself before the celebrations begin!

£12 or £10 bring a new friend (to the workshops) offer.

More about Yin Yoga:

I love Yin Yoga because the body is working hard, making changes on a deep level while you simply lie there and relax!

Of course it’s not as simple as that: because the effects go deep it can be challenging for body and mind (how long you stay in the posture is up to you!). The postures are held in a supportive way so the emphasis is on allowing the muscles, tendons and ligaments and fascia to let go of tightness and tension – that can challenge the mind to stay with the sensations we experience! But the benefits are great – increased flexibility (athletes find it so effective its practice is growing fast), finding a stillness within, better circulation and energy flow through the body so we feel refreshed and alive afterwards.



2016 Weekend Yoga                       

Saturday Sessions  9.30am – 11.30am

Redwick Village Hall, NP26 3EA

£12 or £10 bring a friend offer.

I’m excited to announce that from next month I’ll be running monthly yoga sessions on Saturday mornings of 2 hours each. This will allow us to go into some aspects of yoga a little bit further and enables you to have another chance at a yoga session that perhaps doesn’t clash with work. And the venue is the loveliest, light, bright, quiet and warm village hall in the area I’ve found! Just 15 minutes from Chepstow along the M48 and Steelwork’s Road!

To book a place either message me below, text me (07872571934) or let me know in class.

Remember if you take up the ‘Bring a friend offer’ you’ll both save £2!

I’m looking forward to doing yoga with you soon… Namaste!

 March 12 – Mindfulness & Meditation. Calming techniques and releasing postures.

April 16 – Breathing techniques to calm and quieten the mind.

May 21 – Ever wanted more energy? Easy daily exercises from Eden Energy Medicine.

June 4 – Gentle postures & breathing techniques to de-stress and relax.

July 16 – Get a good night’s sleep: postures & breathing techniques to settle body & mind.

Aug – no session

Sept 24 – Mindfulness & Meditation. Calming techniques and releasing postures.

Oct 15 – Release tensions, stiffness & pain in the neck, shoulders and back.

Nov 19 – Salute to the Sun and lots more to strengthen, stretch deeply and energize!

Dec 3 – Postures & breathing techniques for relaxation in body and mind.




 1. Yoga for Sport & Fitness **  MARCH 7th 9.30am–1.00pm     Redwick Hall  NP26 3EA      – £25 –

Prevent injury in ligaments and tendons: release tightness in hips, hamstrings and shoulders to achieve a lightness and freedom in movement through challenging sequences and unusual postures that stretch the boundaries.

Despite a late flurry of interest, I’m afraid I’ve had to cancel this Workshop. I know life changes but please let me know as soon as you can if you will/would like to attend so I’m able to assess if a Workshop is viable. Mundane practicalities have to be considered, such as hiring of the hall! If there’s an opportunity later in the year, I’ll run it then. Watch this space…


 2. Back to Basics MARCH 21st 9.30–11.30am  Woolaston Hall  GL15 6NW  – £15 –

If you’re a complete beginner or you’d like to go over the basic techniques and principles of Yoga, get to grips with that posture you’ve been puzzled over, or ask questions about ‘pranayama’ you’ve always wanted to – this is the Workshop for you.

 3. Better Backs!   APRIL 4th 9.30am-1.00pm     Redwick Hall  NP26 3EA  – £25 –

Back ache getting you down? In pain? Through safe yoga exercises you’ll learn tension-free posture, how to ease a back in an acute episode, free stiffness and strengthen specific muscle groups for a stronger back.

 4. Simple Meditation & Mindfulness  APRIL 25th 9.30am–11.30am    Woolaston Hall  GL15 6NW     – £15 –

Meditation can be short and simple yet effective in enhancing your life. Whether you want to lower blood pressure, increase concentration or bring a sense of calm to your life, learn different techniques to find what suits you and benefit from a calmer mind.

5. Get Your Good Night’s Sleep.   MAY 9th 9.30am-12.30pm      Redwick Hall  NP26 3EA     – £22 –

This popular workshop is back!  Do you feel everyone else except you has a good night’s sleep? Fed up with counting sheep & dread the night time?  Learn techniques to de-stress and relax body and mind for a rejuvenating sleep the whole night through.

6. Family Yoga   OCTOBER 10th 9.30am–10.30am Woolaston Hall  GL15 6NW     – £8 per adult, children go free!

Have fun and play games with your child while benefitting from the physical postures (improving strength, flexibility and balance) and relaxation together and developing inner qualities of self-acceptance, greater awareness, compassion, communication and focus. Useful tips for smooth bedtimes too!

 7. Simple Meditation & Mindfulness   OCTOBER 17th 9.30am–11.30am Redwick Hall NP26 3EA    – £15 – If you missed it in April, or you’d like another look!

Meditation can be short and simple yet effective in enhancing your life. Whether you want to lower blood pressure, increase concentration or bring a sense of calm to your life, learn different techniques to find what suits you and benefit from a calmer mind.

 8. Yoga to De-stress  & Relax NOVEMBER 7th 9.30am–11.30am   Redwick Hall  NP26 3EA       – £15 –

Have a calmer day every day: especially before the run-up to Christmas! Learn how to release tensions and feel lighter, practice mini ’mindfulness’ techniques and enjoy relaxing, held restorative postures to release and revitalise and breathing practices to calm body and mind whatever the day brings.

 Workshop ‘bring along a friend’ offer – save £2 each off full price. 

AND £2 discount per added Workshops booked at the same time.

Note: ** not suitable for beginners.  Homemade refreshments provided in all longer workshops.

Email me ( or phone 0787 257 1934 to book on to your chosen workshop.

       British Wheel of Yoga qualified teacher.


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