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Spirit of Spring – Strength, Growth, Vitality! AlpenRetreat, Austria 12-17 March 2019


Prices – 5 nights, 6 days 735 euros.

Includes accommodation, meals, drinks and all classes. We’ll¬†also be bringing everyone a couple of little gifts ūüôā

Book early! Early Bird price, book¬†by Jan 6¬†and save 60 euros! –¬†675 euros

Mate’s Rate! – Book before Jan 6 for you and your¬†mate to share a room and save 80 euros each!¬†– 655 euros

Book after Jan 6 and get 40 euros off the regular price Р695 euros

‚ÄčPlease add on¬†an extra 15 euros a night for a single room, so a total of 75 euros for 5 nights

360 euros (or 435 for a single room) of the total price is paid to the AlpenRetreat. The rest is to be paid to the teachers. 

‚ÄčWe are willing to take monthly payments (teachers fee only – no interest added!) Talk to us! ¬†ūüôā

‚ÄčOur Retreat

‚ÄčSpringtime! the birds are singing, the days are starting to get longer and there‚Äôs a new freshness and excitement in the air! Spring marks the end of the winter stillness and silence and the start of a new, active phase in nature

The seeds dormant seeds suddenly start to burst forth and seek light. The trees start to grow their leaves. Animals stir from their long winter sleep….Everything is coming to life

We are a microcosm of nature. When Spring arrives we also have a new energy and a new excitement. We want to go outside more, we start to become more active, making plans and putting our ideas into action. We have a new strength and vitality. We are ready for a new beginning. We clear out…our wardrobes, our houses, our diets. We feel like making make a fresh start. That is the energy of Spring!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we are in the Wood Rhythm or Wood Element. It is a time of new growth, movement and new beginnings. Of clear insight and vision. Of seeing our path clearly and having the strength, energy, creativity and motivation to follow it.

It is a time of making plans and decisions, while remaining flexible and adaptable so that we can move around any around any obstacle with ease and achieve our goals

Just like a tree, when our Wood Rhythm is strong and we have deep strong roots we can grow to incredible heights. and into our highest potential.

We have already planted the seeds, now it is time for our garden to grow ūüôā

Click here to find all the retreat details.

Wood Element in Balance

Great vision & insight, good judgement and decision making, motivated, fierce individualism, strength, honest, truthful, solid, dependable, kind, can lead and inspire others

Wood out of Balance

Anger, frustration, resentment, aggression, irritability, inflexibility, insensitive, self destructive behaviour, workaholic, blocked creative energy, depression, restless, feeling of shame or embarrassment or humiliation

‚ÄčSome of the physical symptoms that can occur when Wood is out of balance

Eye problems, digestive problems, high blood pressure, arthritis, hip or knee problems, menopause issues, PMS, gallstones, shingles, tendon and ligament problems, headaches and addiction

We will be aligning our energies with the energies of nature by bringing our Wood Element (As well as the other Elements) into balance. We will be enhancing our strength, flexibility, vitality and ability to see clearly through beautiful Yoga & Qigong practices. Eden Energy Medicine techniques, Dance, Meditation, Mantra, Mudra and Pranayama.


You will also be learning some easy techniques that you can continue to use at home to stay healthy and well balanced. When we know more about our subtle energy bodies and our rhythms and learn to work with them it is very empowering!

‚ÄčSome examples of what we will be teaching:

  • ‚ÄčSalute to Mother Earth (a moving meditation)
  • Vrksasana ‚Äď balance and strength from grounding and lifting upwards

  • Balancing Liver through¬†3 pointing, Neurovascular point, Adrenal/Liver protocol,

  • Expelling the Venom, neurolymphatics and source point, Meditation on the Liver

  • Strengthening Liver in the Aura ‚Äď meditation, Flushing etc

  • Strengthening self love through a protocol

  • Balancing the emotions ‚Äď connecting organ and Liver neurovasculars¬†(meditation)

  • Kundalini Yoga for the Wood Element

  • Five Element Qigong & sound healing/visualisation meditation

  • Five Elements & the associated Chakras, emotions, physical illnesses,¬†weaknesses and strengths and how to bring them into balance.

‚ÄčSchedule – In keeping with the spirit of the Wood Element we will be remaining flexible with the schedule and may change it slightly depending on the weather and the mood of the group ¬†ūüôā

‚ÄčTuesday 12 March

4pm – Arrival

5.30 – 6.30pm – Meet & Greet

6.30pm – Dinner

8pm – Gentle movement, relaxation & meditation for sleep

Wednesday 13 March

7.30-9am Morning practice, yoga/qigong/pranayama

9-10am – Breakfast

10-12am – Morning hike

12.30-3.30pm – Lunch and free time

3.30-5.30 – Yoga

6-7.30pm – Dinner

7.30-9pm – Gentle movement/meditation/mantra/yoga nidra

Thursday 14 March

7.30-9am – Daily Energy Routine & meditation

9-11am – Breakfast and free time

11-1pm – Yoga/qigong/meditation

1-3.30pm – Lunch and free time

3.30-5.30 – Sacred Dance

6-7pm – Dinner

7-9pm – Torchlight walk and evening meditation

Friday 15 March

7.30-9am – Yoga/qigong/meditation

9-11am Breakfast & free time

11-1pm Energy Medicine for the Five Elements

1-3.30pm – Lunch & free time

3.30-5.30pm Qigong walking meditation & sound healing

6-7.30pm – Dinner

7.30-9pm – Meditation/yoga nidra/mantra

Saturday 16 March

7.30-9am – Morning walk

9-11am – Breakfast & free time

11-1pm – Yoga/qigong/meditation

1-3.30pm – Lunch and free time

3.30-5.30 – Energy techniques/sound/meridians/chakras

6-7.30pm – Dinner

7.30-9pm – Relaxation/meditation/mantra

Sunday 17 March

Lay in!

9-11am – Practice and goodbye circle

11-12am Brunch

12pm Depart


Our aim for this Retreat is first and¬†foremost for you to relax, recharge¬†and¬†have fun! There will be no pressure to attend every class, if you want to sleep longer one morning or curl up in the stube one afternoon with a good book….go for it! ¬†

‚ÄčWhat to bring

‚ÄčWe will¬†be getting some good exercise and fresh mountain air by taking some lovely walks in the surrounding area, so don’t forget to bring some good walking boots!¬†¬†

‚ÄčAs the AlpenRetreat is situated¬†at 1200 meters altitude in the Austrian Alps the weather could do anything and there might even be some snow still on the ground. So¬†be prepared, bring some comfy clothes for classes and lounging around and also some warmer clothes for going outside. There are a couple of mountain lakes in the area, if you think you might be brave enough to jump in maybe bring a swimsuit – or not if you are happy to go without ¬†ūüôā

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you there!




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To help the energies of the body to flow forwards and release any energy blocks¬†we¬†can¬†do some very simple¬† exercises (below). This benefits our yoga practice by enabling the body to go more deeply into the yoga postures or¬†asanas, creating space which then helps energy to flow.¬†And that’s why we feel better after doing yoga!

1. Tap Cheek Bones to ground yourself.
2. Tap Kidney meridian 27 points 1‚ÄĚ below collar bones to draw Yin energy up from ground
3. Tap Thymus on sternum to boost immune system
4. Tap Spleen points under the armpits to boost immune system and help body metabolise food & drink
5. Zip Up your energy from pubic bone to lower lip up to 3 times
6. Hook Up energy ‚Äď middle finger in navel, the other at third eye. Press gently in and draw up for a few breaths
7. Firmly rub either side of upper thigh to release toxins from Large Intestine & Small Intestine. Rub down to knees if you have constipation or reverse if you have diarrhoea.
8. Crown Pull ‚Äď press fingers into middle of forehead and draw away. Repeat over the head and down the neck. Press fingers into trapezius muscles and on an out-breath firmly pull over muscles and release hands.

Note: Tap about 20 ‚Äď 30 secs and breathe. The breath moves energy. ¬†Drink water so energy can move. For more information about Eden Energy Medicine look at Donna Eden, & Prune Harris at¬†

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¬†1.¬†Yoga for Sport & Fitness **¬† MARCH 7th 9.30am‚Äď1.00pm ¬†¬† ¬†Redwick Hall¬† NP26 3EA¬†¬†¬† ¬† ‚Äď ¬£25 –

Prevent injury in ligaments and tendons: release tightness in hips, hamstrings and shoulders to achieve a lightness and freedom in movement through challenging sequences and unusual postures that stretch the boundaries.  £25

¬†2.¬†Back to Basics MARCH 21st 9.30‚Äď11.30am¬† Woolaston Hall¬† GL15 6NW¬† ‚Äď ¬£15 –

If you‚Äôre a complete beginner or you‚Äôd like to go over the basic techniques and principles of Yoga, get to grips with that posture you‚Äôve been puzzled over, or ask questions about ‚Äėpranayama‚Äô you‚Äôve always wanted to ‚Äď this is the Workshop for you.

¬†3.¬†Better Backs!¬†¬† APRIL 4th 9.30am-1.00pm¬† ¬†¬†¬†Redwick Hall ¬†NP26 3EA¬† ‚Äď ¬£25 –

Back ache getting you down? In pain? Through safe yoga exercises you’ll learn tension-free posture, how to ease a back in an acute episode, free stiffness and strengthen specific muscle groups for a stronger back.

¬†4.¬†Simple Meditation¬†& Mindfulness¬† APRIL 25th 9.30am‚Äď11.30am ¬† ¬†Woolaston Hall¬† GL15 6NW ¬†¬†¬†¬†‚Äď ¬£15 ‚Äď

Meditation can be short and simple yet effective in enhancing your life. Whether you want to lower blood pressure, increase concentration or bring a sense of calm to your life, learn different techniques to find what suits you and benefit from a calmer mind.

5. Get¬†Your Good Night‚Äôs Sleep.¬†¬† MAY 9th 9.30am-12.30pm¬†¬† ¬† ¬†Redwick Hall ¬†NP26 3EA ¬†¬†¬†¬†‚Äď ¬£22 –

This popular workshop is back!  Do you feel everyone else except you has a good night’s sleep? Fed up with counting sheep & dread the night time?  Learn techniques to de-stress and relax body and mind for a rejuvenating sleep the whole night through.

6.¬†Family Yoga¬†¬† OCTOBER 10th 9.30am‚Äď10.30am Woolaston Hall¬† GL15 6NW¬†¬† ¬† ‚Äď ¬£8 per adult, children go free!

Have fun and play games with your child while benefitting from the physical postures (improving strength, flexibility and balance) and relaxation together and developing inner qualities of self-acceptance, greater awareness, compassion, communication and focus. Useful tips for smooth bedtimes too!

¬†7.¬†Simple Meditation¬†& Mindfulness¬†¬† OCTOBER 17th 9.30am‚Äď11.30am Redwick Hall NP26 3EA¬†¬† ¬†‚Äď ¬£15 ‚Äď If you missed it in April, or you‚Äôd like another look!

Meditation can be short and simple yet effective in enhancing your life. Whether you want to lower blood pressure, increase concentration or bring a sense of calm to your life, learn different techniques to find what suits you and benefit from a calmer mind.

¬†8.¬†Yoga to De-stress ¬†& Relax NOVEMBER 7th 9.30am‚Äď11.30am ¬†¬†Redwick Hall ¬†NP26 3EA¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ‚Äď ¬£15 ‚Äď

Have a calmer day every day: especially before the run-up to Christmas! Learn how to release tensions and feel lighter, practice mini ’mindfulness’ techniques and enjoy relaxing, held restorative postures to release and revitalise and breathing practices to calm body and mind whatever the day brings.

¬†Workshop ‚Äėbring along a friend‚Äô offer ‚Ästsave ¬£2 each off full price.¬†

AND £2 discount per added Workshops booked at the same time.

Note: ** not suitable for beginners.  Homemade refreshments provided in all longer workshops.

Email me ( or phone 0787 257 1934 to book on to your chosen workshop.

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Changing Unhelpful Habits

In introducing the International Festival of Yoga in Haridwar, India this week, speaker Pranav Pandya talked how yoga, culture and spiritualism not only enrich an individual’s life but also contribute richly to a nation as a whole.

Despite yoga focYoung Woman Meditating on the Floorusing on the individual, it is not a ‚Äėselfish‚Äô or ‚Äėegocentric‚Äô activity. If we want to bring about any change in our lives we have to make those changes ourselves. Yoga helps us make changes that are truly going to benefit us. As we develop through childhood and beyond we respond to things ‚Äď avoiding them if we don‚Äôt like them, seeking more if we do. This can create patterns of behaviour that aren‚Äôt always helpful, especially if they hide the effects of that behaviour.

Habits can be useful to enable us to do things easily without having to keep our attention there. However, it can lead to our mind following a numerous range of thoughts (Vritti in Sanskrit). When we truly attend to what we are doing we may notice that a sense of calm descends and in that calm a better awareness of how we move and feel and through this awareness we can make subtle changes that help us to be healthier in body and/or mind.

When changes are made within, they are reflected outwardly; in our reaction to events, people, experiences. We may find we behave differently because we have a better sense of ourselves, what we need, what we realistically can or cannot do. If we have freed ourselves from unhelpful habits we release energy that enables us to use it to help others, improve our relationships or help our community. The effects ripple outwards to all around us.

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New Class starting at Mathern Village Hall on Friday 2nd May 2014!


Office Worker with Mountain of PaperworkTrial free class on that first Friday at 9.30am to 11.00am. Thereafter £6.50, payable by term or half-term.

Are you looking for a restorative, relaxing class to de-stress and revitalise? This class is suitable for both beginners and more advanced¬†using held positions (at your level) to release tensions throughout the body¬†enabling easier movement and preventing problems arising brought on by built-up stiffness and tensions.¬† You’ll learn how to relax effectively anywhere, anytime – at work, the desk, looking after children, at breakfast¬†to get ready for¬†your day, in the car or getting ready for a good night’s sleep.

Contact Sian on 0787 257 1934 or


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First Workshop for 2014 Two People Gripping Bicycle Handle Bars

Yoga for Sport & Fitness¬†¬†¬† March 29th 9.30am ‚Äď 1.00pm Redwick Hall¬† NP26 3EA

Prevent injury through stretching ligaments and tendons.

Release tightness in hamstrings and shoulders through challenging sequences and unusual postures that stretch the boundaries.

Learn how to let tensions go to achieve a lightness and freedom in movement.

Preventing injuries has made a world of difference to football players like Ryan Giggs and tennis players like Andy Murray who regularly use yoga to keep joints and ligaments moving easily without strain. It is plain to see at how sportsmen and women become injured through repetitive use of muscles and limbs and how vital it is to build in a repertoire of care to avoid injury. After all, if we enjoy doing something, we want to carry on doing it, whatever our age.

Yoga helps to keep vital muscles, such as hip flexors and hamstrings, lengthened for runners and cyclists. Meditation techniques help focus the mind and concentrate on what’s happening in the present. Relaxation stops tensions building up in the body and maintains a sense of looking after the body.