It’s the turn of the year as we move from the ‘yang’ energies of summer into the ‘yin’ energies of winter. Our bodies go through a lot in this big change – that’s why we often get coughs and colds. If you’d like a practice to come into balance and boost your immune system, do come and join us.

Recently in classes we’ve looked at yogic ways to strengthen our bodies, be gentle with ourselves and not compare our yoga with others and how to stretch safely and beautifully. I’d love to share the wonderful practice of yoga with you.

If you’ve never done yoga with me before, your first class is FREE. Book yours below through the yellow button now!

Some classes are on Zoom, some are Face2Face. Some are both.

Choose the one that suits you, and make the first step to a calmer, healthier you.

Monday: 7.30pm – 9pm Energy Yoga Face2Face at Woolaston Hall, GL16 6NW
Tuesday: 9.30am – 10.45am Mindfulness Yoga at Chepstow Yoga Space NP16 5DD, AND via Zoom
Wednesday: Energy Yoga 7pm – 8.15pm on Zoom
Thursday: 9.30am – 11am Energy Yoga Face2Face at Shirenewton Church Hall, NP16 6RQ
Thursday 12.45pm – 2.15pm Mindfulness Yoga Face2Face at Redwick Village Hall, NP26 3EA
Friday: 10am – 11.15am Mindfulness Yoga at Chepstow Yoga Space NP16 5DD, AND via Zoom


5 yoga classes £60 (take them within 6 weeks)
10 yoga classes £95 (take them within 12 weeks)

*One-off yoga classes are £15*

Have a question? Please email me at


All Sian Rule Yoga classes are based on holistic Hatha Yoga combined with techniques from the Eden Method (from the traditions of Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Both help to unblock stuck energy, bring our energy system into balance, and help us have enough energy so we can do all the things that we love to do.

Mindfulness exercises, meditations and relaxations soothe and build resilience in the nervous system, calm the mind and build positive thought patterns.

Daily life is often full of speed, haste and effort and this can build up tensions and stress in body and mind.

Classes are based on a slow, conscious, mindful approach that

  • soothe the nervous system
  • reduce stress hormones and anxiety
  • increase awareness of the body and mind
  • bring calm and peace within

4 thoughts on “CLASSES

  1. Do you do children’s yoga classes in or around Chepstow area

    1. Hi Toni-anne,
      Many thanks for your message, but I don’t currently take any children’s yoga,
      I hope you find something,
      Best wishes

  2. Hi Sian
    I M 72 and suffering from random bouts of fatigue probably due to depression and stress. I have attended yoga classes but mostly for people aged over 50 and lasting for one and a quarter hours
    Do you have classes for older people ?.

    1. Hi Evelyn
      Thank you for your message. In my classes there are people of all ages including in their 70s. My Redwick, Woolaston and Shirenewton classes could be particularly suitable for you. If you’d like to try a class please come along and see if it suits you, you’d be very welcome!
      Many thanks and best wishes,

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