• I’m pleased to say that the yoga effect lasted all day today as well, and despite seven hours standing on concrete I feel very good. I do enjoy yoga very much: it represents so much more than simple physical exercise because it calms my mind in so many ways, enabling me to cope with the rest of my life! LM

  • I just wanted to let you know how amazing you are at strengthening, challenging AND calming me in the sessions you prepare for us each week. My quality of life has improved immensely. Thank you. CA

  • Rainbow

  • Just wanted to say what a lovely feeling I had when I opened your latest news letter. Such a sense of calm and peace and space in a very chaotic, emotional world. Thank You JD 

  • I have been impressed by how well you plan the sessions, with a focus on several aspects of body and mind, and that must all take preparation and thought.  It also feels like there is no competition… we go at the rate we can each manage, and you are gentle if you encourage a better pose; or have to ask a student to change feet etc!! You are clear and demonstrate what we are to do, and I loved the tree pose last week where we all held each other up…it speaks of contact, co-operation and support on many levels.  Thanks Sian… I am really enjoying the class … such a friendly bunch. SK

  • The yoga class is just what I wanted. You give us clear pointers on how we can do things better. I really like the short meditations. GW

  • One of the best things I’ve learnt in yoga classes with you is following the breath. I do it all the time now. It makes me feel more alive – it’s marvellous. – AP

  •  It was a lovely, peaceful session this week, thank you. – LD  

  • My abdominal muscles are definitely getting stronger since I started yoga with you. As a result I feel so good – JH

  •  I’m extremely pleased I came yesterday – still feeling the benefit as well; far more mobile in the waist and hips! – LM

  • Thank you for helping me feel so much better. I had a few things on my mind, and didn’t expect to relax today, but at the end now, I feel lighter and clearer. LN

  • Thank you for the tips on stretching out my back and shoulders – they are really helping.  I must admit I felt great after the class last week – can’t wait for this week! SC


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