Private Yoga Classes

 If you’ve been wanting to start yoga for ages but don’t want to go to a class, or have a different week every week, or if you’d prefer an individual approach in the comfort of your own home, then One to One sessions could be just right for you.


Sian offers private tuition in students’ homes in the Chepstow, Wye Valley and Magor areas.

If you have physical limitations, unusual work schedules, a beginner or looking to deepen your individual practice, you’ll be taken though a session tailored specifically to your needs, given practices for you to do on your own or at work and exercises to counteract any desk/computer/driving work or repetitive strain injuries.

Choose what you want to work on: – build strength, calm the mind, relieve back pain, help sleeping, or total relaxation to release built-up stresses from a busy life.

Private Sessions

1 x 60 minute class- £40
6 x 60 minute classes- £220 (save £20)

1 x 90 minute class- £55
6 x 90 minute classes- £300 (save £30)

Students may also choose to practice with a friend or family member. Sharing can be a very cost effective way to receive private tuition.

Gift vouchers are also available on request.

Please contact Sian for details on or 0787 257 1934.

“Over the Christmas holidays I suffered with horrendous back pain caused by poor posture. I struggled for 3 weeks with my 4 children and I used pain killers which I hate taking!! I love Sian and her Yoga sessions so I decided to have a private session to focus on my back pain!! After a one hour session it was amazing how it released tension from my neck and shoulders and this morning I have no back pain which is amazing – I have my mojo back!! Sian is a fabulous, knowledgeable teacher. Thank you Sian (NM)

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