Join us to experience the benefits of Yoga in rural Monmouthshire

Hi, thank you for visiting our website. These are very strange times in April 2020, our needs, concerns and patterns of life have changed. We can be feeling worried about loved ones and the situation around the world, or anxious about money and jobs and simply getting through the day. Thankfully, Yoga can help us with our physical and emotional/mental health. To support you through these challenges, I have brought about a couple of things; I have moved classes on to Zoom and I am setting up a Private Facebook page.

ZOOM CLASSES – Each class (except Tuesday midday) that you’ll find on our Classes page now has it’s own Zoom meeting link and you can join in at that time from your own cosy home – or wherever your internet access is good. I’d love to take classes outside into the sunshine but glare and internet access are sadly preventing that! If you’d like to try a class for FREE, please email me and I’ll email you back the links. All you need to do then is to sign up to Zoom for free beforehand, or when I send the link.

PRIVATE FACEBOOK PAGE – called Sian’s Meditation & More – it will be the platform where I share short , live classes, post those live classes so you can watch them at any time to fit in with your day, or again and again! And I’ll share anything or anyone’s FB pages that I think you’ll find useful to help you cope with these Corona days. I’m writing this on April 22nd so I hope this will be up and running in the next few days, so do watch out for it. Or in the meantime go over to my current public FB page – Sian Rule Yoga – to see what’s there and to watch out for the announcement of the new private page (and do please Like & Share if you like what you see – thank you!) I do hope we’ll be doing meditation and yoga together soon.

Our body has an innate ability to heal and be healthy. When energy can flow through the body we feel happier and healthier. Yoga stretches bringing space into the body and breathing in Prana (the life force) helps us feel better; taller, calmer. Nature helps us feel better too. It inspires us to breathe deeply, to simply be and to flow through life without stress or tension.

We love the bright, airy spaces that we do Yoga in – opening the doors at every fine weather opportunity to let Nature in…or going out into our lovely surroundings.

I am enjoying your invigorating yoga lessons and aching less after each class. I also love the words of wisdom each week and the mindfulness. Thank you for putting so much forethought into each session. It’s as if you know just what I need each week

Lynne R

” Thank you for helping me feel so much better.
I had a few things on my mind, and didn’t expect to relax today, but at the end now, I feel lighter and clearer “

Lynn N