I offer regular concessions  to people on an income of less than minimum wage (£235 gross a week). This contains flexibility either way, depending on whether you are supporting others financially and whether you are partly supported by someone else (for example a partner with a higher income). Please use your honest judgement. No proof of income is necessary, however, I ask you to be aware of the following money/yoga relationshipswoods:

• Classes and events have to be financially viable in order to take place.
• The giving and receiving of teaching revolves around a balanced exchange of energy.
• This work is the way I make my living.
• Among the ethical foundations of yoga are satya, ‘honesty’, and asteya, ‘taking only that to which we are really entitled’

As well as regular concessions, a few extra-low-cost places are available at negotiable rates for those who are on a very low income and would not otherwise be able to afford to attend a class, even at the concessionary rate. Some work exchange is usually involved, and I ask you to make a commitment to the class. If this is applicable to you, please contact me to discuss. I never exclude anyone on the basis of income – so please don’t exclude yourself.

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