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Stumped for Christmas gift ideas?

We have good intentions of finding our loved ones thoughtful, unique and valued Christmas presents, but we’ve all felt the pressure as we hurtle towards mid December with  fewer and fewer shopping days.

So let us help you to keep things simple and local without losing quality and that special touch.

Choose a healthy and long-lasting gift – something simple that makes a big difference to the health of your family or friend.

Come to Chepstow Leisure Centre for their Christmas Fayre ( on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd December 10.30am to 4pm – free entry) and pick up sianruleyoga Workshop Gift Vouchers for everyone:

Choose from these Yoga Workshops:

  1. Feeling sluggish? Boost your energy and feel alive!*
  2. Desk workers’ 9 to 5 – Restore and Revive! Eliminate neck, shoulder and back ache.
  3. Fitness, stamina and strength –  for sport and a full life. *
  4. Improve your back health and be pain-free.
  5. Improve your posture, increase your core strength and stand tall.
  6. Learn techniques to de-stress, relax and get a good night’s sleep.

* – Note: not suitable for beginners

Contact Sian at to book a place on a workshop.


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Make your vote count.

Election Day in the US  promoted a consumer fever only possible in a country where the cost of the whole election was half the money spent on Hallowe’en costumes and sweets.  An ’ I Voted’ sticker ensured anything from free doughnuts, a choice between a restaurant’s “right wing” turkey bowl and the “left wing” chicken bowl to a free holiday destination flight to recover!  If that didn’t hit the spot, activewear retailer Lulemon offered free yoga classes to frazzled voters in Washington, Maryland, and Virginia. THE choice to chill out and relax!

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How is the year shaping up?

In the current economic situation, being able to shop freely may not be possible, some of us may have to ebay possessions to raise needed cash. Or it could be much worse than that. In the Eight Limbs, Yoga encourage us not to be too attached to things, to be content with what we have, but also to be kind to ourselves. If life doesn’t always go the way we want it to, we should try to go easy on ourselves and avoid heaping blame and negativity on our head. And that can be hard to do…so spending a few minutes doing a few calming  or even energetic postures can help the process by focusing the mind on the body instead. Give a few downward-facing dogs a go, or a focusing balance…they can work wonders!

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Newsletter Comment

A comment on my recent Newsletter prompted me to share both…

Hi Sian. Just wanted to say what a lovely feeling I had when I opened your latest news letter. Such a sense of calm and peace and space in a very chaotic emotional world. Thank You JD

Joyce Dallimore CBT and Psychotherapy Services M: 07791329262

To receive a copy of the Newsletter please leave a request in text box below.  Namaste.

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De-stress & Sleep Well Workshop

Thanks to everyone who came through the autumnal valley mists on Saturday to the workshop in Llandogo. In a relaxed atmosphere we discussed the tribulations of getting a good night’s sleep, enjoyed stretches and relaxed deeply in two yoga nidra – soft lavender eye-pillows enhancing the experience! Home-made Honey biscuits in the break might have helped too….

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Relaxed? Of course I am!

Most people think that relaxing is simply slumping in front of the tv with a cup of tea or socialising on social media and it’ll reduce stress. True relaxation is an experience far beyond this. Absolute relaxation requires us to stay aware and observe what happens as a Standard journalist found out when he experienced yoga nidra/yoga sleep. Read the article to find out how…  Like the sound of it? Don’t put up with sleepless nights, head for the Wye Valley next Saturday (20th October 2012) to experience yoga nidra yourself! Click on WORKSHOPS above for details or email me.

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Need a good night’s sleep?


Llandogo Hall (between Tintern & Monmouth)

Saturday 20th October 2012

10am – 1.30pm

Everyone has had a bad night’s sleep, but if you’re someone who regularly finds sleep escapes you, you’ll know how much it affects your day. Tiredness makes us irritable, sluggish, unable to concentrate and negative to name but a few. Sleep deprivation is serious. We suffer very quickly without adequate sleep.

You’ll learn techniques to relax body and mind – which also includes stretches as a stretched muscle relaxes more deeply – and how to concentrate and calm the mind to encourage an easing into a restful and rejuvenating good night’s sleep.

After a break, deep stretches and a blissful relaxation to de-stress, all help to leave you rested and refreshed ready for the week ahead.

£20 – special offer – bring a friend and it’s £17 each!

Email me or call 0787 257 1934 to book yourself (and a friend!) a place. You can’t afford to miss it!