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Spirit of Spring – Strength, Growth, Vitality! AlpenRetreat, Austria 12-17 March 2019


Prices – 5 nights, 6 days 735 euros.

Includes accommodation, meals, drinks and all classes. We’ll also be bringing everyone a couple of little gifts 🙂

Book early! Early Bird price, book by Jan 6 and save 60 euros! – 675 euros

Mate’s Rate! – Book before Jan 6 for you and your mate to share a room and save 80 euros each! – 655 euros

Book after Jan 6 and get 40 euros off the regular price – 695 euros

​Please add on an extra 15 euros a night for a single room, so a total of 75 euros for 5 nights

360 euros (or 435 for a single room) of the total price is paid to the AlpenRetreat. The rest is to be paid to the teachers. 

​We are willing to take monthly payments (teachers fee only – no interest added!) Talk to us!  🙂

​Our Retreat

​Springtime! the birds are singing, the days are starting to get longer and there’s a new freshness and excitement in the air! Spring marks the end of the winter stillness and silence and the start of a new, active phase in nature

The seeds dormant seeds suddenly start to burst forth and seek light. The trees start to grow their leaves. Animals stir from their long winter sleep….Everything is coming to life

We are a microcosm of nature. When Spring arrives we also have a new energy and a new excitement. We want to go outside more, we start to become more active, making plans and putting our ideas into action. We have a new strength and vitality. We are ready for a new beginning. We clear out…our wardrobes, our houses, our diets. We feel like making make a fresh start. That is the energy of Spring!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we are in the Wood Rhythm or Wood Element. It is a time of new growth, movement and new beginnings. Of clear insight and vision. Of seeing our path clearly and having the strength, energy, creativity and motivation to follow it.

It is a time of making plans and decisions, while remaining flexible and adaptable so that we can move around any around any obstacle with ease and achieve our goals

Just like a tree, when our Wood Rhythm is strong and we have deep strong roots we can grow to incredible heights. and into our highest potential.

We have already planted the seeds, now it is time for our garden to grow 🙂

Click here to find all the retreat details.

Wood Element in Balance

Great vision & insight, good judgement and decision making, motivated, fierce individualism, strength, honest, truthful, solid, dependable, kind, can lead and inspire others

Wood out of Balance

Anger, frustration, resentment, aggression, irritability, inflexibility, insensitive, self destructive behaviour, workaholic, blocked creative energy, depression, restless, feeling of shame or embarrassment or humiliation

​Some of the physical symptoms that can occur when Wood is out of balance

Eye problems, digestive problems, high blood pressure, arthritis, hip or knee problems, menopause issues, PMS, gallstones, shingles, tendon and ligament problems, headaches and addiction

We will be aligning our energies with the energies of nature by bringing our Wood Element (As well as the other Elements) into balance. We will be enhancing our strength, flexibility, vitality and ability to see clearly through beautiful Yoga & Qigong practices. Eden Energy Medicine techniques, Dance, Meditation, Mantra, Mudra and Pranayama.


You will also be learning some easy techniques that you can continue to use at home to stay healthy and well balanced. When we know more about our subtle energy bodies and our rhythms and learn to work with them it is very empowering!

​Some examples of what we will be teaching:

  • ​Salute to Mother Earth (a moving meditation)
  • Vrksasana – balance and strength from grounding and lifting upwards

  • Balancing Liver through 3 pointing, Neurovascular point, Adrenal/Liver protocol,

  • Expelling the Venom, neurolymphatics and source point, Meditation on the Liver

  • Strengthening Liver in the Aura – meditation, Flushing etc

  • Strengthening self love through a protocol

  • Balancing the emotions – connecting organ and Liver neurovasculars (meditation)

  • Kundalini Yoga for the Wood Element

  • Five Element Qigong & sound healing/visualisation meditation

  • Five Elements & the associated Chakras, emotions, physical illnesses, weaknesses and strengths and how to bring them into balance.

​Schedule – In keeping with the spirit of the Wood Element we will be remaining flexible with the schedule and may change it slightly depending on the weather and the mood of the group  🙂

​Tuesday 12 March

4pm – Arrival

5.30 – 6.30pm – Meet & Greet

6.30pm – Dinner

8pm – Gentle movement, relaxation & meditation for sleep

Wednesday 13 March

7.30-9am Morning practice, yoga/qigong/pranayama

9-10am – Breakfast

10-12am – Morning hike

12.30-3.30pm – Lunch and free time

3.30-5.30 – Yoga

6-7.30pm – Dinner

7.30-9pm – Gentle movement/meditation/mantra/yoga nidra

Thursday 14 March

7.30-9am – Daily Energy Routine & meditation

9-11am – Breakfast and free time

11-1pm – Yoga/qigong/meditation

1-3.30pm – Lunch and free time

3.30-5.30 – Sacred Dance

6-7pm – Dinner

7-9pm – Torchlight walk and evening meditation

Friday 15 March

7.30-9am – Yoga/qigong/meditation

9-11am Breakfast & free time

11-1pm Energy Medicine for the Five Elements

1-3.30pm – Lunch & free time

3.30-5.30pm Qigong walking meditation & sound healing

6-7.30pm – Dinner

7.30-9pm – Meditation/yoga nidra/mantra

Saturday 16 March

7.30-9am – Morning walk

9-11am – Breakfast & free time

11-1pm – Yoga/qigong/meditation

1-3.30pm – Lunch and free time

3.30-5.30 – Energy techniques/sound/meridians/chakras

6-7.30pm – Dinner

7.30-9pm – Relaxation/meditation/mantra

Sunday 17 March

Lay in!

9-11am – Practice and goodbye circle

11-12am Brunch

12pm Depart


Our aim for this Retreat is first and foremost for you to relax, recharge and have fun! There will be no pressure to attend every class, if you want to sleep longer one morning or curl up in the stube one afternoon with a good book….go for it!  

​What to bring

​We will be getting some good exercise and fresh mountain air by taking some lovely walks in the surrounding area, so don’t forget to bring some good walking boots!  

​As the AlpenRetreat is situated at 1200 meters altitude in the Austrian Alps the weather could do anything and there might even be some snow still on the ground. So be prepared, bring some comfy clothes for classes and lounging around and also some warmer clothes for going outside. There are a couple of mountain lakes in the area, if you think you might be brave enough to jump in maybe bring a swimsuit – or not if you are happy to go without  🙂

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you there!




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High Intensity Training – updated

Michael Mosley HITReading about High Intensity Training (HIT) and Tabata a few weeks ago, I was concerned that as it was originally designed for the Japan Olympic Team it would be unsuitable, even dangerous, for most people, yet many gyms were advertising it for January 2014.

Since then the media has been publicising the author of Fast Exercise, Michael Mosley’s research and participation into HIT and the benefits for us mere mortals. They include increased sensitivity to insulin to process sugar, improved muscular strength and overall fitness. Perhaps the most attractive aspect in this age of time paucity is that it can take as little as 2 minutes intense activity (plus a few minutes warming up and cooling down) three times a week. Everyone can fit that in! Read the whole article and be impressed!

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What I’m not thinking

What I'm really thinking: yoga teacherThe Guardian’s Weekend magazine’s regular article What I’m really thinking is often an interesting perspective and insight into someone’s life.  On 14th December the article revealed the innermost secrets of a Yoga Teacher. As a yoga teacher myself, I was intrigued. More so as a student had texted me asking had I seen it.  As I read, I could hardly believe the content was serious.

The author seemed indeed to have a suspect sense of humour at the expense of their students. I even burst out laughing at some of the ridiculous and farcical thoughts.  This yoga teacher is enough to put off me going to try out the benefits of any yoga class – and I’m convinced that yoga can help all of us one way or another. With that as my motivation, I, like all other yoga teachers I know, try to address our students’ needs thoughtfully with positivity and empathy, not cynical judgment as expressed in the article. That picture of a yoga teacher is not the norm even if you take the view it was simply written to get a cheap laugh.

What do you think? Read the full article through the link below.

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Meals double in size

fat tummyIn the last 20 years meals have doubled in size, claims an article in the Sunday Times. These super-size meals are damaging the nations health as a study by the British Heart Foundation says. Some portions of food are “out of control” and contributing to increasing cases of heart disease. A chicken curry with rice is 53% bigger than it was in 1993 and plain bagels are 24% bigger.

In yoga we are reminded through Ahimsa not to harm living things beginning with ourselves first and foremost.  This requires self-control these days as we remember the long term health and life-style benefits for eating only what we need rather than the whole supermarket portion of 2013.

Read the full article at

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Quick relaxation

Young Woman Meditating on the FloorStress can quickly build up. If you’ve only got a few moments to yourself to spare find a quiet space to sit in – even the ‘smallest room’ is better than no-where – and take your awareness around the body relaxing each part by simply increasing a sense of relaxation there. Don’t even move a muscle.  Just deepen feelings of relaxation. Then take your awareness inwards and deepen feelings of relaxation there too, so you’re feeling relaxed both inwardly and outwardly. Feel stress melting away.

When you’ve practised this a few times you’ll be able to relax quickly anywhere, at any time, physically and mentally preventing stress building up and affecting your health.

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Desk workers’ 9 to 5 – Restore and Revive! Eliminate neck, shoulder and back ache.

Sunday 17th March 2 -5.30pm

Office Worker with Mountain of PaperworkRedwick  Hall

Do you sit at a desk for hours, hunched over the computer? Does neck pain, back ache or headaches make you miserable? Do you suffer from stress and find it difficult to relax?

Learn techniques to use at work to eliminate those aches and pains. Sink into that perfect stretch and safely ease out tensions. Before you know it, you’ll be sitting upright and your body breathing a thank you…it’s at ease again.

Book and find out more by contacting Sian on

£25 per person or take advantage of our bring a friend offer at £20 each.