Yoga Outdoors

Yoga outside on green grass beneath a blue sky was a perfect antidote to a day chained to a desk. Relaxation under a blanket for a layer of warmth and fresh air saturating every cell of our bodies, we came back indoors feeling rejuvenated, as if we’d spent all day outside.¬†

A strong workout in class tonight – inwardly as well as outwardly –

Vasisthasana (one arm plank) works the wrists, arms, shoulders and abdomen. We approached it¬†through ardho mukha savasana (downward facing dog) and kumbhakasana (plank). Strengthening throughout – even the mind! We needed to release the wrists frequently to keep them comfortable. Relaxation afterwards was a deep one ūüôā

Types of Yoga

The goal of yoga is attaining¬†the truth of who we are through meditation. Getting to the point where we are ready for meditation can take as long as we want. Practising postures (asanas) and¬†breathing (pranayama)¬†improve our success but¬†preferably alongside meditation rather than as a preparation. There is a¬†risk that the preparation stage becomes an end in itself.¬†Desikachar’s ‘Heart of Yoga’ gives a wonderfully clear, accessible instruction into what¬†is yoga, and how we can practise it most beneficially¬†for body, mind and spiritual fulfilment.