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Creative, inclusive and friendly Yoga classes for your health and well-being.


About Me & Yoga    

Feb-June 2017 242I first tried yoga while studying in 1994. I came back to it in 2001 and have been practising ever since; loving to discover how many different ways it can help us in modern day life. Yoga helps me feel fit and energetic, yet mentally calmer and more able to deal with the demands of life. I have been teaching since 2006, qualifying through the three year diploma course with the British Wheel of Yoga (the umbrella organisation of Yoga in the UK –

I have lived in and around Chepstow in the beautiful Wye Valley in Monmouthshire since 1997 and have three children. 

When practising Yoga, I feel it is important above all to remember that you start from where you are. That yoga is for everyone and anyone and is not limited to any particular body-type, age, race or set of beliefs.

Whether you are looking for a gentle, healing, therapeutic session or a more challenging, stimulating practice to build strength, balance and flexibility or perhaps you want to learn more about meditation and relaxation, yoga can help.

In class I use a creative approach of movements to warm the body and to increase awareness of tensions held or muscle groups relaxed towards preparation for the stronger postures both held steadily and experienced dynamically in sequences.

You do not need to do challenging headstands or handstands to participate and enjoy the classes. I am far more interested in the personal journey that you make through the influence of yoga than whether you do a one-armed balance! And you do not need to be flexible to do yoga. It’s yoga that will help you to become more supple!

Some postures may challenge, but I provide options to practice at a safe and wise individual level. Ultimately, the practice becomes your own personal experience to challenge, develop and grow in your life as a whole through care and growing self-awareness.

I have trained in the breadth of Hatha Yoga (literally meaning sun and moon, or the opposites of ourselves) but also enjoy the influence of different yoga traditions that have developed from the oldest Hatha traditions and the inspiration of the many people I have practised yoga with.

Mother Nature is always an inspiration: from the solidity and strength of trees to the constant rhythm of the waves on the shore that echo the flow of our breath and the reminder to ‘just be’ and return to our eternal nature of  inner stillness. The natural cycle of  changing seasons remind us to change too; regular reminders that nothing stays the same.

If you prefer one to one sessions, or a private yoga class with a group of friends, your needs and wishes will form a carefully considered session and a personalised practice developed for practice at home.


I have a BA Hons and a Post Graduate Certificate of Education.

I’m a registered Diploma Teacher and Member of the British Wheel of Yoga, the governing body of yoga in the UK which seeks to maintain high quality training and teaching standards.

I have a current First Aid qualification.

I am a Level Three Member of REPs.

My classes are also registered with the British Wheel of Yoga in Wales


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