Not all of us want a Yoga Classes to be a fitness session, or full of gymnastic positions. Another way to practise is to take our time and consciously feel our way in and out of a posture, increasing our awareness of how our body moves and feels. Or if you’re aiming to release pain or restricted movement an alternative way is available.

My classes combine a slow and controlled, mindful approach. We use breathing and meditation practices to work with the energies in the body (such as chakras and meridians from Yoga and Ancient Chinese Medicine  used in Tai Chi). Stretches bring space into the body and allow the energies to unblock.

When we’ve brought balance throughout body and mind enjoying life, relationships and work becomes much easier!


Yoga helps us physically in many ways:

  • Stronger
  • More flexible
  • Greater range of joint movement
  • Better co-ordination
  • Better balance
  • Improved posture
  • Better sleep

The physically benefit are very important. Just as important are the mental benefits we can experience:

  • a greater sense of calm
  • less anxiety
  • fewer worrying thoughts
  • a greater sense of joy
  • easier relationships

Less well-known are its benefits to the Nervous System.

Modern life stresses such as dead-lines, lists of things to do, an argument, traffic disruptions or the computer not working all cause an increase of cortisol without it being released from the body. If cortisol builds up, this can lead to serious diseases including heart problems, cancer or diabetes.

When cortisol is in balance it regulates blood pressure, insulin release, emotions, the immune function and the breaking down of fats in the body.

A slow, mindful approach to a yoga practise counter-acts a build-up of stress and cortisol levels. It soothes the nervous system and builds up its resilience, it activates the para-sympathetic nervous system and it also helps release GABA (a chief neurotransmitter in the brain) that helps maximise the function of the brain.

A slow, mindful practise which I call Energy Flow Yoga helps the following:

  • reduces chronic pain and inflammation
  • improves sleep
  • greater ease and range of movement
  • better flexibility
  • calmer nervous system
  • better relationship with our body image
  • stronger, calmer mind
  • deeper connection with spirituality
  • reduces a dependency on medication, drugs, alcohol
  • reduces fatigue
  • reduces anxiety, depression
  • increases a sense of peace and joy
  • increases a sense of identity, meaning and purpose
  • increasing sense of lightness and ease

Energy Flow Yoga benefits the five most common health challenges:

  1. Fatigue
  2. Depression
  3. Anxiety
  4. Chronic Pain
  5. Body image/weight management

Energy Flow Yoga is a holistic approach that makes us feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. Everything is connected, and as Einstein said ‘Everything is energy’ and Energy Flow Yoga helps us address them all in one accessible and simple practise that everyone can do.






Published by Sian Rule Yoga - Chepstow

An experienced school teacher, Yoga teacher, and Eden Energy Medicine healer, I integrate techniques and understandings in effective and creative ways to empower individual development. My classes are a blend of many traditions and influences encouraging everyone to attune to their body, mind and spirit for a healthy, full and vibrant life.

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