Balance things out!

Family Eating Christmas Dinner TogetherIf you eat too much, drink too much and sit about too much today – be easy on yourself! It’s allowed at Christmas!

And to balance things out, try one of the below for a stretch out – I promise you’ll feel much better for it!

  •  Hold onto a table edge so your back is flat and legs vertical, stretch back through the shoulders and spine to the tailbone and push down through the feet into the floor.

  • Take a walk in the fresh air (hopefully between the rain)

  • Downward facing dog – when your last meal has long-gone!

  • Stand upright and slowly come onto toes and down again – in slow motion!

  • If something more sedentary is required, lie comfortably on your back with legs up the wall and relax! Recovery time for your hard-working legs – vital after all that slaving away at the stove!!

But above all – enjoy the holiday time with family and friends – it enhances life and lifts the spirit!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Published by Sian Rule Yoga - Chepstow

An experienced school teacher, Yoga teacher, and Eden Energy Medicine healer, I integrate techniques and understandings in effective and creative ways to empower individual development. My classes are a blend of many traditions and influences encouraging everyone to attune to their body, mind and spirit for a healthy, full and vibrant life.

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