Need a good night’s sleep?


Llandogo Hall (between Tintern & Monmouth)

Saturday 20th October 2012

10am – 1.30pm

Everyone has had a bad night’s sleep, but if you’re someone who regularly finds sleep escapes you, you’ll know how much it affects your day. Tiredness makes us irritable, sluggish, unable to concentrate and negative to name but a few. Sleep deprivation is serious. We suffer very quickly without adequate sleep.

You’ll learn techniques to relax body and mind – which also includes stretches as a stretched muscle relaxes more deeply – and how to concentrate and calm the mind to encourage an easing into a restful and rejuvenating good night’s sleep.

After a break, deep stretches and a blissful relaxation to de-stress, all help to leave you rested and refreshed ready for the week ahead.

£20 – special offer – bring a friend and it’s £17 each!

Email me or call 0787 257 1934 to book yourself (and a friend!) a place. You can’t afford to miss it!


Published by Sian Rule Yoga - Chepstow

An experienced school teacher, Yoga teacher, and Eden Energy Medicine healer, I integrate techniques and understandings in effective and creative ways to empower individual development. My classes are a blend of many traditions and influences encouraging everyone to attune to their body, mind and spirit for a healthy, full and vibrant life.

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