Yoga Classes banned.

Sadly, a priest in Southampton has banned a yoga class from using his church’s hall because of a perceived threat to the church’s beliefs. Rather, it would have been a great example of inclusiveness in society. See  for the whole story.

How does the yoga community address these occurrences? A colleague and I have experienced similar – perhaps you have too? Yoga does have beliefs on the purpose of the universe, practices and a moral code, but what it does not have, and this is what separated from Religion, is set rituals and gods. Where those occur, they have been brought in by people of that religion and become part of a hodge-podge.  Image


Published by Sian Rule Yoga - Chepstow

An experienced school teacher, Yoga teacher, and Eden Energy Medicine healer, I integrate techniques and understandings in effective and creative ways to empower individual development. My classes are a blend of many traditions and influences encouraging everyone to attune to their body, mind and spirit for a healthy, full and vibrant life.

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