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Workshop-Backs and Posture

Whether experienced or first-timers, everyone enjoyed the sunny morning in the lovely Llandogo Hall. We practised yoga techniques for upright sitting, strong standing and developing strategies for easing acute back pain. We then practised postures to develop back strength such as bridges and warriors. And finished with a thoroughly relaxing Yoga Nidra. The chocolate brownies for refreshments were described as “delicious” and the practices to help back health as “really helpful and useful” and “my back feels really eased out and I feel better all over!” Thanks to everyone for coming and making it such an enjoyable session – that we all learned from!


Is yoga a pathway to improving our society?

What can a system for development, that is, perhaps, 5000 years old, have to teach us in the 21st century?

As the author, Amelia Meister, says: “As a society, we are out of touch. We’re out of touch with our bodies, our families, our communities and our Earth. This is one of the reasons such horrible crises perpetuate in our society”.

Through yoga, she noticed how she and others became much more aware of various issues in society and motivated to do something positive about them. Through a raising of awareness, firstly through the body and breath, an ability rose to see the bigger picture more clearly; the inter-connectedness of everything and the true value of the things in life that matter.

She mentions Michael Stone’s Yoga for a World out of Balance, which outlines the ethics of yoga.

She sums up the value of yoga, “In a society that values consumption, constant doing, competition and disconnection, yoga can offer many gifts. The practice of slowing down, accepting our bodies where they are at in any moment and connecting to our breath gives us the space to expand our awareness beyond the small thoughts in our heads about what we need to buy or what we look like”.

For the full article see:–is-yoga-a-pathway-to-improving-our-society

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Healthier Airports

Many US airports are introducing walking paths, healthy food vendors and yoga studios for travellers. Airports are recognising they can be stressful places with uncomfortable seating, delays and dry air. To counteract the negative aspects of travelling, let’s hope this trend spreads to the UK (leave a suggestion next time you’re there!) and soon we can all take our yoga trousers on our journeys.

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If you’ve been on your feet all day at work, shopped till you dropped or just need a pick-me-up, try viparita karani.
Can’t say it? You can do it!
Simply lie on your back and put your feet up a wall or over a chair seat. It’s so simple but so effective. The ultimate relaxing, restorative yoga pose that everyone can do. You’ll feel better in seconds. Especially your legs.