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We’re off camping tomorrow (it promises to be sunny and warm – crossed fingers) so some yoga on the beach/cliffs/quiet spot could be part of my day, if I can creep away! And then there’s staying in the moment while organising everyone for the day and smoothing things along in a party with an age range from 5 to 17…..the psychological side of yoga may come in handy!


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Outside for Yoga!

It may be raining in parts of Britain, but we all get a break in the clouds at some point. When the sun shines take yourself into the garden or the park to practise. You can take your mat, or leave it. You’ll get the fresh air (and prana – life energy) and sunshine (plus vitmin D) as well as the usual physical and mental benefits from working inside. You’ll glow from top to toe!

PS Your toes will love sinking into the cool grass too.

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Inspired by the Olympics?

Don’t just collapse while you watch the games and let your muscles get as soggy as your sofa…use the time to build up your own muscles and core strength.
Sit on the edge of the sofa (if you’re not already!) lifting your pelvic floor, gently pulling your navel back towards your spine and up. Or pile cushions on the floor and cross your legs for joint flexibility and lift up and out of your pelvis. Also try keeping one of your legs extended for lengthening the hamstring. Be sure to swop leg positions.
Be creative too – take your feet wide for an inner thigh stretch or have a sitting balance such as navasana, bringing ankles and knees together and raising shins to parallel with floor. Raise arms in line with shins and engage abdominals again.
Enjoy the spectator sport of yoga infront of the TV and show up the couch potatoes!